No parking anywhere.
Hotter than the Sahara.
Ouch. Stingray has stung.


5/21/7- Open Mic 1

By the way, I was right. He was not worth the wait. He turned out to be a manipulative, compulsive liar, but I still like the poem.

There is a man.
I think I like him?
I think he likes me?But ugh he just FRUSTRATES ME.

When I am with him,
He’s so nice and so kind
And makes me feel like he’s all mine.
And ah, he just ELATES ME.

But when we are apart,
I am sure I am stupid, I am imagining
I am sure he has no heart
Because he just FRUSTRATES ME.

So the question remains
Is it worth the disdain?
The uncertainty? The stress?
The need to impress?
Is it worth the tears?
Worth being alone,
is that my greatest fear?

Is this man,
This most beautiful man,
Worth the effort? Worth the pain?
For a few moments of dripping caramel desire,
Lighting and stoking my fire.
For a few thoughts of a future never
before aspired,
But now seems worth the wait.

I mean, Is the stress worth the wait?

Nah, he just FRUSTRATES ME.