I used to blog a lot. But somewhere along the way I stopped. I don’t know why.

I’ve been on so many adventures that I wanted to share beyond pictures, and I just didn’t. But I think I might go back and recall and remember some of those travels here.

So why am I trying to write again? I just got back from a trip which will be in my next post. This trip was kind of life changing. It reminded me of just how adventurous I can be. So I wrote about it. And I’m going to try to keep writing.

I thought about changing the name of my old blog, but I decided to start fresh, though it was interesting reading about my younger self’s life. Chubby and married me playing homemaker. Skinny and newly-divorced me running and running. And now, I’m a little older and chunkier, maybe not wiser. But wow have I grown into my skin.

Since my last blog post in 2014, my written expression has mostly boiled down to emojis and Facebook rants, so excuse me if I’m a little rough getting started.


Author: HVD

Wanderlust mixed persistence and nerdiness equals me

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